All of our tyres are selected by our licensed tyre inspectors that grade our tyres for our clients. With a tyre warehouse facility of more then 10.000m2 we have the possibility to store all of our tyres inside our warehouse in a condition that is most best for the tyres.

We are specialists in the exportation of quality tyres to different parts of the world. Throughout the years that has passed our company has established contacts in almost any countrie in the world.
We have clients based in the United States aswell as South American countries, Africa and in Europe. Used tyres from Germany, second hand tyres from Germany & used tyres Wholesale, we have a a large range of used tyres from Germany for sale.

Because of our many year experience in this market we have contacts to give you a competitive price for transportation and shipping.
The port of Rotterdam and Antwerp are on a short distance away from our company.

We can single/double and even triple your tyres to make sure that the container will have the maximum volume of tyres that is allowed.
We double and tripple by hand because we believe that will be most best to retain a perfect quality of the tyres opun arrival.

Throughout the year we have approximately anywhere near 100.000 tyres in stock depending on the season.

We store all of our tyres inside protected against rain/sunshine to ensure that the quality will remain at it’s best.

All of our tyres are E-marked and of famous brands like Michelin/Dunlop/Bridgestone. Our warehouse is always open to the public, however if you would like to discuss business opportunities then we would like you to send us a inquiry by email to see what business potential we have to offer towards you.
European tyres are the best tyres you can get, compared to other countries in Europe, Holland/Germany have the best overall quality because of it’s perfect climate.

You can start your inquiry by sending a email to